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SPOTLIGHT: Made By Apes Brand, ByAutistic, Teamed Up With Novel Labs And Pudgy Penguins To Build A Well And Help A Village!

Bored Ape Yacht Club member David B’s Made By Apes Brand, ByAutistic, recently teamed up with Novel Labs and Pudgy Penguins to build a well in an African village and bring some Web3-inspired gifts to the people there!

BAYC member David B’s company, ByAutistic, which focuses on reducing harm to special needs children in Ghana, recently teamed up with  Novel Labs and Pudgy Penguins to build a water source for a village of over 1,000 people.

“In Africa, some villages have no access to clean drinking water,” David wrote in a new video on Thursday. “This entire village, including animals, depended on a swamp. They would walk mile long hikes at night for water. So, we partnered with Novel Labs to make a difference. We used this giant drill to dig 100’s of feet into the ground and we struck water. We installed a water pump to supply the entire village with water. After months of work, we visited the community again. We came bearing gifts. Serving over 1000 people in the community with clean water, pouring libation. We are grateful to the Pudgy team for sending down plushies for this. As Web3, we can make a difference. Help us carry on these good works by minting ByAutistic.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, David has been bringing the Yugaverse and the broader Web3 space together to help Ghanaian Children with special needs since 2022.


If you would like to support David and ByAutistic make a difference in the world, you can mint one of the project's NFTs here: or you can donate Eth to Wallet  0xEA9803D8096C3dA2CD7d0D2BaCFfe14aB94b4BA9 or Solana to Wallet A9jzsQc5mktixp1UyrnACGHbGqQpWEA6N8T7vrbEQBHA


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow David and ByAutistic. Stay tuned for updates!

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