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SPOTLIGHT: This Artist Has Been Creating Ape Derivates On His Way To Joining The Bored Ape Yacht Club!

This soon to be Bored Ape Yacht Club member and artist has been drawing closer and closer to joining the swamp with every BAYC inspired derivative he creates!

Crypto artist Tjnewwaveart  joined the Web3 world in 2021 and has been having fun bringing his hand drawn art on chain.

While making art is TJ’s passion, he also enjoys collecting art and has wanted to purchase a Mutant Ape and join the Bored Ape Yacht Club ever since the project’s insane launch in August 2021.

“I joined the space in 21 and automatically fell in love with the art traits of mutants so I set a goal to myself to draw my way my to first mutant,” he said.

While joining the BAYC has been a long-standing goal of his, TJ recently began making waves around the swamp, turning this dream into a reality with his Ape edits that have resonated with many members of the club.

“I’ve drawn 13 (Punk Ape Edits) and would love to draw more so I join this amazing community this year with my first mutant," he told the paper last month. “My favorite fur trait would be pink fur but anything I can get for my first mutant would be amazing to be honest. I love the community, the vibes and the support and love for art is just incredible. I’m so close to my first mutant just need to keep pushing more art out there for the community so they can see what I can bring to the community and all the cool ideas I can draw for them.”

After getting closer to accomplishing his goal and ape-ing into the BAYC last month, TJ gave the timeline an update on his journey last night, tweeting that he found his dream Ape and that he’s almost sold enough art to get it.


“I found my dream  @BoredApeYC mutant and reached out to the owner who is a friend and collector of mine and hopefully I’ll have it this year. I’m just 1E away from acquiring it,” TJ tweeted. “I said I would my draw my way to it and that’s what I’ll do.”


Apes who are interested in checking out more of TJ’s work or possibly purchasing a derivate work from him can reach out to him via Twitter @ @tjsnewwaveart


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow TJ’s art journey and will let you know when he finally draws his way into the swamp. Stay tuned for updates!

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