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SPOTLIGHT: TigerIsFine Did Some 'Dumb Shit' Earlier This Week And Purchased A Girly OG Bored Ape!

TigerIsFine went from looking insane to looking bored after she aped into a girly OG primate earlier this week!

Since joining the Bored Ape Yacht Club in November 2021, Tiger has been a force around the swamp!

From winning elections at the ApeCoin DAO and the BAYC Community Council to launching her own Made By Apes apparel company, 6ixtyFine, Tiger has become a pillar of the community, consistently bringing the bored vibes day in and day out.

After a long NFT bear market that appeared to bottom out due to the end of Blur farming earlier this week, Tiger did some 'dumb shit' and finally got herself an OG Bored Ape.

“fck it we ball, Tiger tweeted along with a photo of her new Bored Ape. “New look, who dis?”

“I just wanted to be able to 3D twerk with my friends in the Otherside,” Tiger told the paper after her purchase. “Honestly, it was a bit of an impulse purchase. I’ve been “grinding as a mutant” since Fall 2021 to help build the BAYC brand and community. In return, this club continues to show love and support for me. I see a club full of entrepreneurs and all the hard work done in the background to set up programs to support builders. With ApeChain in the works that will draw in devs and degens, I think Apes will have their airdrop bull run (I don’t know shit, NFA ofc). At sub 10ETH floor, it was a punt I was willing to take.”


Tiger’s new Ape is Bored Ape #8203, is a seven-trait golden brown primate with girl’s hair, holographic eyes, a black hole tee, and an army green background.

“Girly apes need girly apes, and those traits are getting harder to find,” Tiger said. “I tend to lean toward cleaner, minimalistic looks and she hit the mark. The Army Green background is a small ode to my mutant’s bg. I miss that bright highlighter “yellow” tbh.”


After purchasing her Ape, Tiger shared with the Gazette that she plans to take her new primate around the swamp for a series of boring appointments!

 “First, setting up an appointment at Sera’s Stargirl Salon to elevate her feminine look lol,” she said. “I’ve already been visiting BANC, NiftyTailor, and Bored Closet to get suited up with all the fun accessories and outfits. What’s been amazing is the 3D artists reaching out to me and already having a vision for her and letting me have a part in her character design. Within 24 hours, Rida already had renderings for me. My mind is blown. This is what the club was always about for me - creativity, collaboration, connections.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Tiger and her new ape, along with all the new BAYC members who have recently made their way into the club! stay tuned for updates!

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