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Tally Labs Teased Its Azurian Art Today And Revealed New Details About The Upcoming Mint.

Things were anything but boring around the expanded Yugaverse today after the Tally Labs team gave the community a look at its Azurian art and announced that minters will only need to burn a Bored & Dangerous NFT to get an Azurian!

After the Web3 space at large was underwhelmed by the project's original Azurian art, the Tally Labs team went back to the laboratory and revamped its project.

"From the Ashes. Azurians," they tweeted along with a 32 second teaser trailer that highlighting the updated artwork.

Take a look at some of the Azurians below:

Along the teaser trailer, the project announced that Azurians will not cost .08 Eth, instead the characters from the expansive jungle punk franchise can be claimed in exchange for a copy of Jenkins the Valet’s Bored& Dangerous book.

BREAKING FROM THE SPRAWLS , the project tweeted. “FUCK THE 0.08ETH You’ll just need a Bored & Dangerous book NFT to burn for an Azur Root (Azurian mintpass). Nothing else. Long live Azurians.”

Following today’s Azurian updates, Tally Labs’ Co-Founder, SAFA, took to Twitter and thanked the Web3 space for its continued support.

“Today is a good day @azurbala," he wrote. “Lots and lots of work remains ahead of us, but it feels amazing to make good on our promise to the community that we’d come back stronger. Thank you for not counting us out. Now is when the real fun begins.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Tally Labs and the Azurian project. Stay tuned for updates!

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