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Thank Ape Is Hosting An AIP Idea-a-thon Contest At The ApeCoin DAO And You Can Win 420 $Ape!

In an effort to get the creative juices flowing and encourage $Ape holders to participate in the ApeCoin DAO’s Proposal Process, Thank Ape is hosting an AIP Idea-a-thon!

If you’ve been thinking about submitting an Ape Improvement Proposal at the ApeCoin DAO this is your sign to do it. $Ape sponsored project, Thank Ape, has teamed up with the ApeCoin DAO to host the community’s first ever Idea-a-thon.

During this idea-a-thon event, $Ape contributors are invited to comment either a thought-out Governance & Process idea or a Community Building & Events idea to the Thank Ape Idea-a-thon thread on Discourse.

By doing this, $Ape holders will be entered into the Thank Ape Idea-a-thon contest and can possibly win one of ten 420 $Ape prizes!

“Winner will be selected and announced at the beginning of May and awarded 420 ApeCoin each if they make the cutoff for their category,” Thank Ape wrote. “A panel of judges with Thank Ape initiative will reward the proposal that best adhere to the mentioned grading criteria. It is then encouraged that those with winning ideas take their selections through the process of Idea-> Draft-> Proposal. Proposals that get passed will be given an additional reward of 1069 $Ape.”

The window for $Ape holders to submit an idea to Thank Ape’s Idea-a-thon closes this Saturday, April 29th.

$Ape holders can submit their idea’s to the Idea-a-thon thread here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this Idea-a-thon and will let you know which ideas win! Stay tuned for updates!

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