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THANK YOU, BUT NO": CryptoPunk Holder BeautyAndPunk Declined A $2.4M Offer On Her Ape Punk

Updated: Jan 21

“Thank you, but no.”


 2,380 days after CryptoPunk holder,BeautyAndPunk, claimed CryptoPunk #2491, she respectfully declined a $2.4 million dollar offer for it!


On Sunday, notable NFT trader PunksOTC made a 969 Eth or $2.4 million USD offer on one of BeautyAndPunk’s Ape type Punks and she declined it!


Thank you, but no,” she tweeted. “I am happy to know other people also like my ape, though.”



CryptoPunk #2491 is one of the 39 CryptoPunks that BeautyAndPunk claimed way back on June 23rd, 2017.



Last year, BeautyAndPunk wrote a thread explaining her experience in Web3 and how it felt to claim her Punks way back then!


“In a world of cryptobros, what was it like for a Brazilian woman to claim 4 cryptopunks apes in 2017,” she wrote in May, 2023. “I remember being in bed claiming my 39 cryptopunks. It felt cool, it was oddly exciting. But I never expected my life to change like this.”



Today, BeautyAndPunk holds 26 CryptoPunks in her wallet including three Apes and one Zombie! Check them out below:



Along with her Punk collection, BeautyAndPunk is also the Founder of NebulaWeb3, ‘a nonprofit organization to help women and underprivileged communities succeed in the tech/NFT space,’ and is building House of QOA (Queen of Apes) which is described as a place where ‘fashion x tech x art x community' meet.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow BeautyAndPunk and will let you know what she does next! Stay tuned for updates!

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