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ThankApe Is Looking To Reward Builders Who Accept $Ape As Payment With Grants! Here's How To Enter:

The ApeCoin ecosystem is filled with builders, artists, and creators who price their goods and services in $Ape, and now this DAO-funded initiative is looking to not only elevate these businesses but also reward them with some massive $Ape grants!

ThankApe, an ApeCoin DAO sponsored project that aims to reward active contributors in the ApeCoin ecosystem, has teamed up with PropHouse and is holding three builders contests this week that aim to reward merchants within the $Ape ecosystem with 25,000 $Ape worth of grants.

“Why we’re doing this,” ThankApe tweeted earlier this month. “1. We believe in the power of #ApeCoinMerchants to start a thriving $APE payments ecosystem. 2. We will recognize merchants for providing excellent goods & services! 3. We need diverse goods & services for a thriving DAO & to show the utility of ApeCoin!”

ThankApe and PropHouse host three different contests for businesses to apply based on the type of products or services they offer: 1. Services, 2. Physical Goods, and 3. Digital Goods.

The window for business to throw their hat in the ring and participate in ThankApe’s Merchants PropHouse contests is currently open and $Apes have until tomorrow night at 9 P.M. EST to enter.

For more information about the contests and how to apply, check out the PropHouse website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow ThankApe’s contest and will let you know which business win grants. Stay tuned for updates!

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