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The Apecoin DAO Celebrated Its First Birthday Today

The entire Yugaverse is wishing both the ApeCoin DAO and PP Man a very happy birthday today!

One year ago today, the ApeCoin DAO launched and the Yugaverse got its first look at its new governance token.

“Bored Apes as a culture represents this generation,” ApeCoin Special Council member Yat Siu said in a Twitter Space during last year’s launch. “This zeitgeist, this sort of moment where you know it's the expression of the current culture of where we are with what NFTs mean, so it's historic and the ApeCoin is sort of the beginning of expanding that culture towards larger groups. And that's what we think here. You know it's how do you get more people to combine with this and to join it and this is kind of the role of the DAO.”

Over the last year, may people have joined the ApeCoin DAO and the community grown to 6,762 Discourse members, 12,000 SnapShot members, according to RedVulkan's Dune analytics page. Further, 114,433 unique wallets hold $Ape, according to Etherscan data

Community expansion wasn't the only milestone that the DAO accomplished in its first year. The DAO also passed 39 Ape Improvement Proposals, launched its staking system, and held its first ever Special Council election in December 2022; where it voted three longtime Bored Ape Yacht Club community members, VeraTheApe, Gerry, and BoredApeG, onto the Special Council.

“Year one was just the warm-up.” Special Council member Gerry told the Gazette.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the ApeCoin DAO and looks forward to celebrating ApeCoin’s birthday for years to come! Stay tuned for updates!

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