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The ApeCoin DAO Discussed A Simplified AIP Process For Small Proposals. Here's What You need to Know

The ApeCoin DAO held a Twitter Space Town Hall yesterday evening where several ApeCoin board members listened to $Ape holders comments about the DAO and came up with ways to simplify the Ape Improvement Proposal process.

Notable Bored Ape Yacht Club member Herb hosted a one-hour Twitter Space Town Hall with ApeCoin Board members Maaria Bajwa, Amy Wu and Yat Siu. Cartan Group representative Brandon Caruana, DAO expert Alisha.Eth and $Ape community members Matt Galligan and Captain Trippy were also on stage during the space.

As the Town Hall progressed, $Ape community member Matt Galligan told the Board members that the AIP process is to complex, especially for smaller scale ideas and proposals.

“I think that what I've seen over the last couple of months has been some really great ideas, some that probably wouldn't take much to implement,” Galligan explained. “And so the things that I want to talk out and for us to be thinking about as a community is that is the process that we have today, is it working for everybody and is it something that we feel like is going to execute our greatest hopes and desires?”

Galligan went on to explain that the DAO may need to adopt different levels of scrutiny and bureaucracy for different levels of proposals and move away from a one size fits all approach for AIPs.

“But ultimately, we probably do need to start thinking about these proposals as different beasts,” Galligan said. “Some are going to be simple grants that would take like a day's worth of conversation and some are going to take months. And we should definitely adjust our process accordingly.”

Following Galligan’s comments on the current AIP process, Board Member Bajwa agreed that it needs to be simplified for smaller scale projects and ideas.

“I also really like that idea because it also empowers individuals to participate in the DAO,” Bajwa said. “My assumption is that there's a lot of folks who want to participate and want to build with Ape Coin, but they might be individuals and they might not have a company. So, they don't actually know how to or they feel intimidated by going through the AIP proposal process. So, something that's a lot easier, more flexible, and more efficient, it would make it more accessible.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to cover the ApeCoin DAO and will let you know when the DAO implements a simplified way to make smaller scale proposals.

You can watch the entireity of yesterday’s Twitter Space here:

You can also find the complete transcript here:

Stay tuned for more reports on yesterday’s Town Hall later tonight.

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