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The ApeCoin DAO Is Looking For Help Creating A Mission Statement. Here's how You Can Get Involved:

Apes your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a mission statement for the ApeCoin DAO that will guide the community into the metaverse and beyond!

After the $Ape community passed Ape Improvement Proposal 256 titled “ApeCoin DAO Mission statement,” which established the framework and process for the DAO to create and vote for a mission statement, the window for DAO Contributors to submit their proposed mission statements is now open.

“A good mission statement should clearly define the purpose and goals of an organization, providing a sense of direction and helping to unify the members of the organization around a common set of objectives,” AIP-256 Author BadTeeth wrote on his mission statement request Discourse post. “Together we will finalize a mission statement that will serve as a NorthStar for the DAO. AIP-256 empowers the DAO to vote on a final mission statement from 8 different community submitted and selected options.”

The deadline for $Apes to propose their ApeCoin DAO mission statement is July 13th. $Apes who are interested in proposing a mission statement can do so here:

After the window to propose an ApeCoin DAO Mission Statement closes, $Apes will be invited to workshop the potential statements in public during an ApeCoin DAO Discord event on July 13th.

Take a look at the full Mission statement timeline below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the creation of the ApeCoin DAO’s mission statement. Stay tuned for updates!

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