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The Apecoin DAO Is Voting On A New Administrator For The DAO. The Full Story Here:

The ApeCoin DAO is voting on a new DAO Administrator this week after Working Group Zero ran a request for proposal process earlier this month.

The past three months have been anything but boring at the ApeCoin DAO after the community rejected the Cartan Group’s proposal to extend its administrative contract with the DAO in December 2022.

Following that vote, the ApeCoin community voted in favor of the creation of Working Group Zero in January 2023 . One of the major goals of WG0 was to run and oversee a request for proposal process to find a new DAO Administrator.

“The WG0 Stewards drafted an RFP document and submitted it to Discourse on 2/7, WG0 Steward RedVulkan told the Gazette. “From there, bidders were allowed to submit their proposals until 2/10 at 5 PM EST. The DAO received two proposals, one from WebSlinger and another joint proposal from Autonomous/Lemma/Provenance. After a six-day Community Feedback Period, the proposal to select a Cayman Islands Administrator(s) is scheduled to go live at 9 PM EST tonight."

Both WebSlinger and Autonomous/Lemma/Provenance’s proposals would cost the DAO $75,000 per month, according to WG0.

In WG0’s post tonight, the Stewards included an analysis of both proposals and the group gave its recommendation to the community.

“Following multiple meetings with all parties and careful consideration of the four proposals received, the WG0 Stewards believe WebSlinger to be the best choice for the next administrator of the APE Foundation," the WG0 wrote. “While both groups are competent and accomplished – WebSlinger’s breadth of background, CFO services provided by a global entity, desire to help decentralize DAO operations, and extensive experience in the Crypto / Web3 / DAO environment were the key differentiating factors in our choice.”

No matter which Administrator is selected, a DAO administrator that is based in the Cayman Islands is necessary for the DAO to operate, according to RedVulkan.

"As stated in AIP-196, there are certain roles and responsibilities that a Cayman Foundation Administrator must legally fill for the ApeCoin DAO," RedVulkan said. "This RFP is being done to fill this Administrator role while WG0 works on identifying other roles and responsibilities that the community can legally take on with a goal to further decentralize the DAO."

The window to vote for the next DAO administrator opens tonight at 9 P.M. EST and $Ape holders will have until next Wednesday to cast their coins.

To find out more about WebSlinger and Autonomous/Lemma/Provenance’s proposals, $Ape holders can check out their proposals here:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of both administrative proposals. Stay tuned for updates!

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