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The ApeCoin DAO Needs Your Help Creating A DAO Mission Statement. Here's How You Can Help:

ApeCoin DAO contributor BadTeeth is on a mission to craft a Mission Statement for the DAO and he needs your help!

After the $Ape community passed BadTeeth’s Ape Improvement Proposal that established a framework for creating an ApeCoin DAO’s mission statement in June, he and the ApeCoin DAO will be hosting their first community Twitter Space to get the community’s input on this important matter tomorrow!

“Join us for the first ApeCoin DAO Mission Statement workshop Thursday at 10a PST (1 PM EST),” The ApeCoin DAO tweeted this afternoon. “@badte_eth will review the process that led to AIP-256 and share how you can submit a mission to be voted in as the official Mission Statement for ApeCoin DAO!”

“With the talent, brainpower, and treasury available to our ecosystem, there is literally no limit to what ApeCoin DAO can accomplish if we can align around a common purpose,” BadTeeth told the Gazette. “Excited to get on with the process of locking down a mission statement as we get started tomorrow!”

Tomorrow’s Twitter Space will be the first of several panned discussions about the DAO’s mission statement over the next three weeks that will lead to the creation of eight different mission statements, according to BadTeeth’s AIP.

In total, BadTeeth and the DAO plan to host two Twitter Space sessions, a Working Group Zero Discord discussion, and they will translate the eight proposed mission statements into various languages to ensure that all $Apes are included in this process.

Following these talks and the creation of eight different mission statements, the ApeCoin DAO community at large will then head to the polls and vote for their preferred version.

“Once we finalize a mission statement that supports the vision to, ‘drive culture forward into the metaverse,’ I'm confident that ApeCoin DAO is going to be one of the key players supporting the creators, artists, and devs that are building the future of Web3 technology and experiences," BadTeeth previously said.

The Bored Ape Gazette will be in attendance during tomorrow’s space and will bring you a full recap of what was discussed. Stay tuned for updates!

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