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The ApeCoin Mascot ApeKin Redesigned The DAO's Discourse Page!

The ApeCoin DAO’s Discourse forum is looking legible and feeling welcoming after a recent redesign featuring ApeCoin’s mascot, Apekin!


The ApeCoin DAO’s Discourse page  has a lot more personality after a recent User interface  update that changed it from a labyrinth of lists to a collection of Apekin photos that explain what's going on in the $Ape ecosystem!

“It's nice to see that ApeKin is now included all over the place and really part of the DAO,” ApeKin Creator AnnieRawrz told the Gazette. “He had a rough start because he is different from what you would expect from a project that people associate the Bored Apes with. But I think he's really starting to get accepted by the majority and that's good.”


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the ApeCoin DAO approved AnnieRawrz’s AIP to create a mascot for the ApeCoin DAO in August 2023. Since then, AnnieRawrz has brought the robotic monkey mascot to life, named him ApeKin, and now he pops up around the $Ape ecosystem online and in real life!


Going forward, AnnieRawrz hopes to see ApeKin continue being a staple at the ApeCoin DAO, and she can't wait to see what $Apes do with her creation.


“ApeKin is now in the hands of the DAO and its community,” she said. “Every ApeCoin DAO member can shape his lore and future and I'm excited to watch him grow and evolve. I believe this is just the beginning of his journey. It's up to the community to write his chapters now. I feel like I can let go now. Some still tag me or point at me whenever someone mentions him. I hope one day I wont be in the focus anymore because apekin is being shaped by everyone. Like the apes.. Who can even name the artist? The whole community shaped the brand.”


ApeCoin DAO Contributors can check out the DAO’s  new and improved Discourse page here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all things $Ape and will let you know what’s next for ApeKin. Stay tuned for updates!

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