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The BAYC Air Drops 5,000 NFT Hoodies To Ape Holders

The Bored Ape yacht Club announced an exclusive Decentralamd air drop for all Bored Ape Holders.

“All BAYC members need to be comfy in the metaverse,”The bored ape yacht club tweeted. “So we've partnered with @Decentraland to send every ape-holding wallet a hoodie wearable NFT. These should be showing up in wallets now. See ya in the metaverse!”

Many apes have reported that they have received their hoodie by the time of this articles publication.

Ape holders can check if they received their hoodie by checking their metamask accounts.

The hoodie is a Decentraland wearable nft featuring the BAYC logo on the back and a smaller logo on the front. There are only 5000 hoodies.

This airdrop is spectate from the “surprise” that the BAYC has been talking about for weeks.

“Before the rumors start we just want to say that this isn't the surprise we mentioned, The Bored Ape Yacht Club tweeted. “Tomorrow's upcoming announcement has nothing to do with any outside partners. That's something we've been working on alone.”

Currently, there is no information on what the surprise will be. But some Bored Apes have speculated that it could be another merchandise drop, the scavenger hunt, or something completely unknown.

The Bored Ape Gazette will be following the release of tomorrow’s surprise. Stay tuned.

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