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The BAYC Give's Members That Had Issues During The Last Month's Merch Drop Order For Free

The Bored Ape Yacht Club promised to take care of members who ran into technical issues during March 28th’s merch drop and today the club made good on that promise by giving those impacted apes their orders for free.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the BAYC held a merchandise drop on March 28th. In total, the BAYC sold 30 different items such as shirts, hoodies, hats, sweatpants, blankets and soccer jerseys. This was the first drop where members could only make their purchases in $Ape.

As apes began ape-ing into the merch store, some BAYC members ran into a technical issue when they tried to pay with $Ape through Metamask. The BAYC addressed this issue that day on Twitter and said that the BAYC will be reaching out to impacted apes with next steps.

“Hey everyone, we’re aware of the Coinbase Commerce issues during merch store checkout," the BAYC tweeted. “They are working on a resolution now. If you encountered payment problems, we’ll be following up with next steps soon.”

Today the BAYC made good on this tweet and made the situation right with impacted members.

“We really appreciate your patience as we work to get you your gear,” the BAYC wrote in an email to impacted members. “We’ve created a new order for $0.00 which will include the items from your original order. These items will be shipped to you free of charge; no further action needed from your end. We care about our community and wanted to make things right. We hope you love your new merch.”

Following the email, apes took to Twitter to applaud the BAYC for their handling of this situation. “This is why I was never worried about the @BoredApeYC merch,” BAYC member Carson Turner tweeted. “I emailed them my reference number and knew I was in good hands. Greatest club in the world!!”

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