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The Bored Ape Yacht Club Briefly Flipped CryptoPunks Floor Today.

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

After months of chatter, the Bored Ape Yacht Club briefly flipped CryptoPunks floor price.

Early Tuesday morning, the BAYC floor went up to 53.9 as the CryptoPunk floor fell to 52.69 ETH.

“Shoutout to everyone who was a part off @BoredApeYC surpassing the Punks,” BAYC member Richard Vagner tweeted. “Glad to see the space rewarding nft projects that support community and utility. Only the beginning of what can be achieved if the right creatives get a hold of this technology. Love you ape fam.”

The idea of apes flipping punks floor price has been a point of interest for bored apes for months.

While a lot of members have said “the flippening” would happen, most assumed it would be a result of apes rising higher and higher, not CryptoPunks’ floor price dropping.

“This ain’t how I wanted the flip to go down,” BAYC member Shawz.eth tweeted. “I’d love to see Punks and Apes moon together from here.”

While this wasn’t the flippening that many expected, notable CryptoPunk and BAYC investor Beanie Maxi tweeted his thoughts about both projects recent price action.

“Bored Ape Yacht Club reversal started the day they announced $APES. MAYC too,” Beanie tweeted. “Floor was about 25 ETH and CryptoPunks were at 100 ETH. Since then in a weak NFT market, CryptoPunks floor has been cut in half and BAYC doubled. Tokenomics and utility matter. Don’t ignore the obvious.”

While apes celebrated the historic moment, many in the BAYC community remind their fellow apes to stay bored.

“The flippening in price is pointless, BAYC member Ngbshpend tweeted. “What got us to this point is the culture and community. Keep it graceful.”

While the momentary flippening was fun, it was brief. At the time of this articles publication the Punks floor was at 54 ETH and the apes was 52.8 ETH.

Going forward, the majority of apes and punks hope nothing but the best for both projects.

“Now apes and punks send it to 100 ETH together,” BAYC member hotlneblng tweeted.

Only time will tell when or if the BAYC floor ultimately flips CryptoPunks floor. No matter what happens though, most apes are bullish on what the BAYC and its community have built in such a short time.

“I’m a closet Bored Ape maxi,” BAYC member NFTsAnonymous tweeted. “I just have been offered so much. It has nothing to do with the floor, the airdrops, the parties, the merch, the games, the yacht, or the clubhouse. Bored Apes are special to me because of the friends, opportunities, and the culture. BAYC 4 LIFE”

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