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The Bored Ape Yacht Club Released New Info About Its Upcoming Toad Mode Game. Here's What We Know:

The Bored Ape Yacht Club had the Web3 community going Toad after it released new information about its second skill-based mint!

Sewer Pass holders and will be reentering the sewers underneath the BAYC tomorrow, February 22nd, for the club’s DooKey Dash: Toad Mode game.

This new Toad Mode is like the original DooKey Dash game mode expect for a brief period during the run when things get trippy. During this time, all the in-game obstacles will disappear, and Dashers will be tasked with collecting as many toads as they can.

“From the 0:30 mark to the 1:05 mark during your run, you’ll have a chance to pick up the toads that appear,” Yuga Labs wrote in its blog. “When Toad Mode ends at 1:05, it’s back to Dookey Dash business as usual.”

During a Toad Mode game, Sewer Pass holders will get two scores. One score will be based on the number of toads Dashers collect during toad mode. The other score will be based on the length of the Dashers run; like the first DooKey Dash game.

"You will have two types of scores that will be recorded on the one leaderboard," Yuga Labs said. "One score will be the high score you achieved during a run NOT INCLUDING Toad Points (labeled as PTS) and the other score will be the Toad Points (labeled as TPS) you achieved during a run."

During the DooKey Dash Toad Mode game, Dashers competing for companion traits to go along with the power sources that they earned during the first DooKey Dash competition earlier this month.

“The top 500 score runs from Toad Mode will receive a companion trait to their Power Source,” Yuga Labs wrote. “2000 additional companion traits will be awarded to the 2,000 players who collected the most Toad Points, without duplicating anyone who were top 500 overall. Everyone has a chance. It’s not just about going far, it’s also about licki– we mean, picking up as many toads as you can.”

The sewers underneath the swamp will be open beginning sometime tomorrow and will close on March 1st. The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you more details on Toad Mode and will follow the leaderboard throughout the game. Stay tuned for updates!

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