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The Bored N Hungry Brand Has Been Purchased By Hungry DAO And Plans To Open A New US Based Location, According To The Co-Founder Of The Bored Business

After photos of Bored N Hungry’s Bored Ape Yacht Club-inspired burger restaurant closing its flagship location in Long Beach, California, circulated across the Web3 world on Sunday, Bored N Hungry’s founder took to Twitter to shed more light on what's next for this bored business.

On Monday, BAYC member and Bored N Hungry co-founder Andy Nguyen took to Twitter and announced that the brand has been acquired by Hungry DAO and that the company is looking to open a new Bored N Hungry in the USA.

“Today we say goodbye to the original Bored & Hungry location in Long Beach, CA. We also want to congratulate our partner’s from Asia, Hungry Dao - a branding and franchising company who has acquired the brand from us,” Nguyen tweeted. “The growth of the brand worldwide was very unexpected. Bored & Hungry opened up so many doors and relationships for me. The brand now has 4 locations with 3 in the Philippines, and another recently opened store in Seoul, South Korea.”


After the deal, Nguyen and the rest of the Bored N Hungry founding team plan to continue being part of the bored business as the brand expands in 2024.

Looking ahead, Bored N Hungry plans to host pop-up restaurants in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai during the Arts DAO event this year.

Additionally, the company plans to open a new U.S.-based home for Bored N Hungry following the closure of its Long Beach location.

“The home store may be gone but stay tuned as Bored & Hungry will be announcing their new home in the US soon,” Nguyen wrote.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Bored N hungry and will let you know when and where this bored business opens next. Stay tuned for updates!

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