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The Chainsmokers Have Aped Into The BAYC After Purchasing a Cheetah Fur Bored Ape

The Bored Ape Yacht Club welcomed another EDM pop duo into the club Wednesday afternoon as the Chainsmokers aped in!

The Chainsmokers, Alexander "Alex" Pall and Andrew "Drew" Taggart, aped into the BAYC after the popular group changed its Twitter profile photo to Bored Ape #7691.

“I was in discord chat when they bought and we were tryna figure out if it was actually them,” BAYC member Cormac Rowe tweeted. “But this is insane, it's turning out to be quiet the family.”

Bored Ape #7691 is a five trait cheetah fur ape with a bored cigarette mouth and a black t shirt. The Chainsmokers purchased Bored Ape #7691 for 55 Eth or $204,000USD, according to their Opensea.

After the purchase, BAYC members were quick to welcome the Chainsmokers with a pardoy of their hit song closer. “So, apey, mint my genny On the homepage of OpenSea That I know you can afford Cause you sold your BAYC,” BAYC member TropoFarmer tweeted.

Cheetah Gang members were especially happy to welcome The Chainsmokers based on the duos ape’s fur. “Another dub for cheetah gang,” NBA Top Shot East tweeted. “Christie’s will be fun.”

After the purchase many apes were quick to comment on the state of the club and NFT market at large. “Probably nothing,” McNaney.Eth sarcastically tweeted. “Completely insignificant. Should probably ignore it.”

Be sure to follow the Chainsmokers on Twitter @Thechainsmokers and be sure to check out their music on Youtube here:

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