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The DAM Show's Game Show Special Starts At 6 P.M. EST. Here's How You Can Win Some Boring Prizes:

On your mark, get set, go! The DAM Show's DAM Game Show Special is about to begin, and every ApeCoin DAO contributor with at least one $Ape in their wallet has a chance to win some prizes that are anything but boring!

At 6 P.M. EST, the DAM Show is hosting an interactive game show event and every ApeCoin DAO contributor who attends will have a chance to possibly win prizes such as an Otherdeed and ApeCoin.

To sign up for tonight’s game show and possibly win some boring prizes, $Ape holders will need to connect their wallets the Dam Show’s website here:

While the DAM Show is keeping many details about tonight's event a surprise, we do know that there will be five contestants competing live on stage, and everyone who has signed up will have the opportunity to control their fates.

“The five contestants will be spread out across a couple of games that they’re going to be playing live,” DAM Show’s Atareh.Eth told the community on a Twitter Space today. “And if you’re at home, I can’t say exactly how, but you will be able to control their fate. You are going to be able to help them and you’ll be able to interact with them live as they’re playing these games. So, you got to stay engaged and stay ready.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will watch tonight’s event and will bring you a full recap of it tomorrow! Stay tuned for updates.

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