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The Elite Apes Have Licensed 60 Of Their Groups Bored Apes To Create A Golf Themed NFT

The Elite Apes, a Hong Kong based community of over 150 Bored Ape Yacht Club members, have teamed up with metaverse fashion designer ALTAVA to create the Bored Ape Golf Club Korea NFT project.

The BAGC is a project of “10,000 golf-themed NFT derivative based on 60 BAYC IP. BAGC enable holders-only exclusive privileges including access to high-end golf country club and custom merchandises based on each holder’s NFT,” according to Elite Ape member SteveApe.

When asked why BAYC members should join the BAGC, SteveApe told the Gazette that “Golf is a national sport in Korea. Many Korea golf country clubs have joined our project to demonstrate true Web3. The project shall continue to develop and rollout to the Europe and US, creating utility and value to the NFT holders.”

Currently ALTAVA and the Elite Apes are hosting a booth at the Galleries Association of Korea and are giving people a sneak peek at some of the merch they’re making for the club. Take a look at their set up below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Elite Apes and keep you updated on everything the group is building!

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