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The HV-MTL Rift Opens And The Hunt Begins Tomorrow. Here's What You Need To Know:

Six months after Gary the Dog Prophet and DooKey Dashers summoned the HV-MTL robots to the swamp, the mysterious Mechs are set to enter the Rift in their HV-Homes and embark on their next adventure!

Things will be anything but boring across the Yugaverse tomorrow as HV-MTL Holders and their Mechs enter the Rift and begin the “Hunt.”

“The first three seasons have kept you and your HV busy crafting, voting, and pooping. Now, you’re ready to open the Rift and explore new biomes in the outer dimensions, Yuga Labs wrote in its Gamer Guide. “Welcome to season 4 of HV-MTL Forge. It’s time to prepare your HV for expeditions, and adventure into the Rift. You’ll gather resources in the different biomes to prepare your HV for combat. Don’t dilly-dally — the Final Boss is waiting, and he’s kind of an asshole.”

While we do not know everything about what awaits the Mechs as they Forge ahead into the Rift, we do know that HV-MTL Holders will have to choose a ‘Specialization’ for their robots once they go through the Rift.

While every Mech is programmed with base stats based on the creature's HV Class, HV-MTL Holders will need to decide what kind of specialization power core they want to add to their robotic friend in the Rift.

HV-MTL Holders can equip their Mechs with either a Fighter, Crafter, or Explorer specialization, according to the BAYC.

“Each Specialization will have an additional effect,” the BAYC explained in its gamer guide. “HVs specializing in Fighter will recover a portion of their battery upon each enemy kill. A Crafter allows a minimal craft proficiency of level 3 and gains more resources when gathering. Having higher craft proficiency means the fail rate will be less when crafting an item. Explorers consume half as much Battery energy as the other specializations, allowing them to stay in the Rift longer.”

While this is a heavy choice that HV-MTL holders will have to make upon their first entrance into the Rift, it is not permanent. Players will be able to change their Mechs Specialization if they find the right items in the Rift to craft another specialization power core, according to the gamer guide.

Note, in order to participate in the next phase of the HV-MTL Forge game, HV-MTL Holders must build out their HV-Homes and see the Rift on their boards.

“Before you can go anywhere, you’ll need to get to the Rift,” the BAYC wrote in the guide. “This is the easiest part of your expedition: just build out your tiles into the fog of war (shrouded area) until the Rift Portal is in sight. Off you go.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Rifts opening and will keep you posted on all things HV-MTL!

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