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The Meebits Community Picked A Winner In The Third And Final Meebits PropHouse

The ApeCoin DAO’s final Meebits Prophouse contest came to an end today and the voxel community has selected a winner!

After 16 artists and builders competed in the Meebits in the third and final round of the Meebits PropHouse contests, the Meebits community voted to award the $5,000 $Ape grant ($29,250 USD) to the creators of “The Hunt For The Missing Meebit” proposal.

“Powered by $APE, The Hunt For The Missing Meebit is a unique and exciting event bringing together communities of the metaverse to participate in a thrilling game of discovery," the team wrote in their proposal. “Your objective is to follow the clues and be the first to find the treasure. Prizes will include a Meebit, Ledger Stax, and more. The hunt will be designed in a way to appeal to a wide range of skill levels and tiered to reward engagement at different stages of the hunt. This won't be an individual dash to the finish line, some clues will take the entire community to solve. But in the end only one will find the missing Meebit! Ultimately, the goal is to bring the web3 community together, increase exposure and appreciation of the Meebits collection, and encourage the adoption of $APE through in-hunt purchases and upgrades.”

Following the vote, the team behind “The Hunt for the Missing Meebit” told the Gazette they’re excited to bring this story to life and award one lucky partipcate with a Meebit NFT.

“We are super excited that the Meebits community expressed so much interest in The Hunt For The Missing Meebit,” the proposal’s Co-Creator BojangleGuy told the Gazette. “We have big plans for the hunt and cannot wait for it to begin. And yes, you read that right, whoever finds the Meebit will get to keep it (alongside other prizes as well).

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow “The Hunt For The Missing Meebit” and will let you know when it begins and how you can participate. Stay tuned for updates!

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