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The Mutant Cartel Gave The Community Its First Look At Its Upcoming Clubhouse

The mutant Cartel gave its members their first look at its clubhouse and its insane!

On Tuesday, the Mutant Cartel took to Twitter and shared a new 31-second teaser trailer of the Cartel’s clubhouse.

“The Mutant Cartel never sleeps !howl,” the group tweeted.

After the Mutant Cartel’s post, the project's co-founder, Lior.Eth, told the Gazette that the community will be able to interact inside the clubhouse very soon.

“The Hideout - fully immersive, fully reactive and activity-packed in-game base of the Mutant Cartel," Lior said. “Our community can expect to interact with it in MANY different ways in the near future.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Mutant Cartel and will keep you posted on the clubhouse's grand opening. Stay tuned for updates!

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