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The Window To Buy Ape Fest March Closes Tonight. Take A Look At What's For Sale:

The Bored Ape Yacht Club took to Twitter yesterday to remind members that the window to order Ape Fest 2022 merch closes soon.

“Reminder,” the BAYC tweeted. “Apes who had a ticket scanned for entry or a canceled ticket have until tomorrow July 1st at 7pm ET to order ApeFest ‘22 merch items from”

The merch at the Ape Fest online store is the same merch that was for sale during Ape Fest 2022 last week. Apes will only be able to purchase two of each item from the online store, according to the Ape Fest website.

Only BAYC and MAYC members who had their wallets verified via Tokenproof will be able to purchase merch from the online store.

BAYC and MAYC members who verified their wallets but were unable to attend Ape Fest 2022 will also be able to claim their “Good Ape” shirt on the website.

Check out the Ape Fest merch here:

Take a closer look at the Ape Fest Merch store from the event:

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