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The Window To Submit An Idea To The ApeCoin DAO Meebits PropHouse Closes On Monday!

The ApeCoin DAO’s third and final Meebits PropHouse is underway, and the window to submit an idea closes on Monday!

The ApeCoin DAO is looking to fund a Meebits centric idea that’s interactive and integrates $Ape with a 5,000 $Ape grant during the DAO’s third and final Meebits PropHouse contest this week.

Builders and artists have until February 13th at 12 P.M. EST to submit an idea to the competition. So far, four users have submitted proposal to the contest. Check out the ideas below:

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the ApeCoin DAO approved of the creation of three Meebits PropHouse competitions in November 2022 when it passed AIP-110 titled “Meebits PropHouse sponsored by ApeCoin” written by Former Special Council Member Maaria Bajwa.

“Encouraging other communities to build with ApeCoin proliferates our reach and introduces new communities to our ecosystem,” Bajwa wrote In her proposal. “PropHouse is a way for us to experiment with this hypothesis. We can fund micro-grant programs for various communities that want to build utility in gaming and the metaverse, but don’t have access to funding.”

Creators that are interested in participating in the PropHouse event can submit their ideas here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Meebits PropHouse contest and will let you know which idea wins!

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