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This Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Just Bought An Otherdeed That's Home To A Mega Koda For $185K

This Bored Ape Yacht Club member just picked up an Otherdeed that’s home to a mega koda earlier today.

Lucaesti purchased Otherdeed #2915 for 108 Eth or 185,000 USD. Otherdeed #2915 is a one-star sky environment built upon a biogenic swamp sentiment. Otherdeed #2915 also has three resources and is home to Koda #9991.

Koda #9991 is a Mega Koda with an Aqua Toshi core and temple sky head. Koda #9991 is also armed with a twin shadows weapon, according to Opensea data.

Following Lucaesti’s purchase, BAYC members took to Twitter to congratulate Lucaesti on the mega purchase.

“Wow holy shit that’s a dream plot right there, KODA and bayc land, BAYC member thebooksweepers.eth tweeted following the sale.

After today’s purchase, Lucaesti now has 15 Otherdeeds between their two accounts and four Kodas. Take a closer look at Lucaesti’s Otherdeed collection below:

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