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This NFT Broker Just Purchased A Hoodie CryptoPunk For $328K USD

This NFT Broker is feeling comfy after he purchased a hoodie CryptoPunk.

Notable NFT Collector and OTC Network Co-Founder EB7 purchased CryptoPunk #3039 from Tschuuuly for 180 Eth or $328,000 USD.

CryptoPunk #3039 is a three-attribute dark Male type punk with a mustache and a hoodie. Based on these traits, CryptoPunk #3039 is the 2524th most punk CryptoPunk in the collection, according to Rarity Tools.

“Haven’t bought an NFT in over a month Been sitting in all ETH just waiting patiently, today that ended," EB7 tweeted following his purchase. “Ive wanted a mustache punk since I have been rocking a mustache since I was 16 +I always wanted a hoodie Couldnt pass this up & it was for a good cause @Tschuuuuly. thank u!”

Following EB7's purchase, the notable trader changed his Twitter profile photo to his new CryptoPunk

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow EB7 and will let you know what he does next!

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