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  • Writer's pictureKyle

This Otherside Mogul Purchased An Insane Trippy Otherdeed Today For $57K

This Otherside mogul purchased a trippy acid land that’s home to a Koda today for a far out amount!

Otherdeed holder Metadantes.Eth purchased Otherdeed #2675 for 43.69 Eth or $57,700 USD.

Otherdeed #2675 is a five-star acid environment on Biogenic Swamp Sediment with a rugged axe artifact and kinsoul and dimensional resources.

Otherdeed #2675 is also home to Koda #134. Koda #134 has a dino egg core with twin pits eyes and a something’s fishy head.

“Bought a trippy grail… only 12 level 5 acids in the swamp,” Metadantes.Eth tweeted after their purchase. “This one’s got dimensional, the rarest resource, plus a koda and an artifact. Markets rough, but this was a steal.”

Metadantes.Eth has bet big on the Otherside metaverse and accumulated a collection of high-end Otherdeeds including one that’s home to a Mega Koda!

In total, Metadantes.Eth owns 23 Otherdeeds. Take a look at their lands below:

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