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This Otherside Tailor Is Getting Koda's Fitted In 10KTF Merch To Welcome Them To The Otherside

After Yuga Labs announced that it acquired 10KTF and Wenew Labs earlier this week, this Koda tailor released a new line of Koda merch to welcome the new communities to the Otherside.

“In honor of @wenewlabsand @10KTFshop joining the Yugaverse, we are dropping a 10KTF Merch drop,” Otherside Outfitters tweeted on Tuesday.

In total, the Otherside tailor has created five new Koda hoodies that were inspired by the 10KTF collection.

“With @wenewlabsand @10KTFshop joining the Yugaverse I thought it was only fitting to have a 10KTF merch drop for Kodas,” Otherside Outfitters’ Founder Crypto Cade told the Gazette. “We have been expecting them to join @yugalabsfor a while now and for it to actually happen it's so surreal! I can't wait for how they help shape the @OthersideMeta and bring the storytelling to the next level!”

If you’re interested in getting your Koda dressed in the latest 10KTF inspired fashion, feel free to reach out to Crypto Cade via Twitter at OS_Outfitters.

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