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Three Marketplace AIP's Are On The Ballot This Week At The ApeCoin DAO. Find Out More Here:

Its gearing up to be a busy week at the ApeCoin DAO as three different ApeCoin marketplace proposals are going up for a community vote.

After weeks of discussion with ApeCoin DAO contributors and a lot of questions from the Ape Foundation, three different ApeCoin marketplace proposals are on the ballot this week.

It’s important to note that these marketplace votes are not either or. The community is free to approve of as many, or as few, marketplaces as it desires.

The first of these three NFT marketplace proposals on the ballot this week is AIP-87.

AIP-87 titled “NFT + IP Marketplace / Yuga Labs + Otherside Partner NFT Collection” is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal that was submitted by ApeCoin DAO member and BAYC member Zastrow Bradley.

To go along with his proposal, Bradley and his team have built a functioning marketplace dubbed “ .”

“We also believe actions speak louder than words,” Bradley wrote. “Instead of offering to build a marketplace, we built one first. It is currently live on the temporary URL: with the IP marketplace going live if the proposal passes. This allows the community to try the marketplace before voting.

If AIP-87 is approved, the marketplace will have a 1% fee on all transactions, according to the proposal. “100% of this fee will be burned in APE,” Bradley wrote. “If the sale was not conducted in APE, then it will be bought on the open market and subsequently burned. APE burn will be updated on the marketplace front page and communicated with supporting transaction detail. Frequency of APE burn is TBD based on gas costs.”

In AIP-87, Bradley and his team ask the community for 575,000 $Ape

75,000 $Ape will be used to pay the marketplace team for six months and 500,000 $Ape will be used as listing rewards.

The second $Ape marketplace proposal on the ballot this week is AIP-93.

AIP-93 titled “A Marketplace For Apes, By Apes, Built By Magic Eden” is a core brand decision proposal that was submitted by NFT marketplace Magic Eden.

“Magic Eden’s vision is to build the ApeCoin DAO marketplace, the home for $APE holders to buy and sell ApeCoin DAO NFTs, including but not limited to BAYC, MAYC and BAKC, as well as Otherside Otherdeeds,” the NFT marketplace wrote in its proposal. “All inside of the DAO’s native home at a 0.75% transaction fee and no cost to the DAO.”

In its proposal, Magic Eden explained the company’s past experience with building marketplaces and providing a white glove experience from start to finish.

“As a leader in NFT product development, Magic Eden is committed to releasing new features with the ApeCoin DAO marketplace, allowing the DAO to pilot novel initiatives including creator tooling (allowlist management, wallet targeting, auctions, multi-stage allowlists, pre-minting) and native $APE support, Magic Eden wrote. “We are devoted to the utility of $APE and aspire for the ApeCoin DAO marketplace to directly benefit community members and drive utility to $APE.”

If the DAO decides to go with Magic Eden, the company projects that it can begin to implement its marketplace sometime in September or October.

The third and final marketplace AIP on the ballot this week is AIP-98.

AIP-98 titled “A Community-First ApeCoin DAO Marketplace Proposal” is a core brand decision proposal that was submitted by ApeCoin DAO contributor and BAYC member Zheerwagen.

In his proposal, Zheerwagen explains that the main goal of him and his team with their marketplace dubbed Snag Solutions is to embrace the values of the Web 3.

“At the heart of this proposal is our desire to build for the community, and embrace Web3 values of decentralization via composability, non-extraction, and interoperability,” he wrote.

Zheerwagen then listed some of the key features of the Snag solution marketplace:

1. Leveraging @reservoir0x’s open-source, on-chain orderbook to increase openness and composability.

2. Aggregated orders from major marketplaces (OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2, Sudoswap, and more) to maintain a strong bridge to the rest of the NFT market.

3. Native sales in $APE with no fees to users buying and selling in $APE.

4. A .5% marketplace fee on $ETH listings and a .25% fee in $APE. .25% of all fees will be sent to a community-held multi-sig wallet on a monthly cadence. The use of funds can then be decided in a separate AIP. (more on why later) The .25% from $ETH will be converted to $APE and sent to the wallet.

5. Development of contextual and ape-specific marketplace functionality, such as integration of key BAYC metadata, relation to the Otherside, and more.

Further in the proposal, Zherrwagen wrote that Snag Solutions marketplace proposal will cost the DAO nothing and that they’d like a six-month lease on pointed to their hosted website.

As the ApeCoin DAO works to determine which marketplaces it wants to pursue, all three of theseAIP authors will be coming together tomorrow to discuss their ideas live via Twitter.

BAYC member BoredElonMusk will be hosting a Twitter Space tomorrow, Friday September 15th at 4:00 P.M. PST, titled “ApeCoin Governance Roundup.” During this space the marketplace authors will come up and talk about their proposals.

You can set a reminder for the space below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will be in attendance during tomorrow’s space and will let you know how it goes.

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