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Time Announced That It Will Begin Accepting Ape Coin For Its Digital Subscriptions

Time announced that it will soon begin accepting Ape coin for its digital subscriptions.

“Congrats to the ApeCoin DAO on the rollout of @ApeCoin& thrilled we can announce that

@TIMEwill be accepting $APE for digital subscriptions in the coming weeks on,” TimePieces tweeted earlier this morning.

Time’s “HODLer” Digital subscription price is $49 USD for 18 months, according to the company’s website. Based on the price of ape at the time of this article’s publication, the subscription will be 4.64 Ape.

“So happy to be able to offer subscriptions to $APE holders, and expand access to both incredible journalism and the usable ecosystem of $APE," TimePieces’ community manager ItsTymo.eth tweeted shortly after the announcement.

TimePieces is Time’s web3 community initiative project. Time has been in the Web3 space for a while now and the company’s President, Keith Grossman is an avid NFT collector.

The Bored Ape Gazette will let you know when Time begins accepting Ape for digital subscriptions. Stay tuned for updates.

Find out more about Time here:

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