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TREASURY TAB: ApeCoin DAO Contributors Can Now Take A Closer Look At The DAO's Half Billion Dollar Treasury!

$Apes can now ape into the ApeCoin DAO’s half billion-dollar books after the Ape Foundation launched the DAO’s Treasury Dashboard earlier today!


Three and a half months after the ApeCoin DAO approved of the addition of a Treasury Tab to the ApeCoin DAO’s website, the Foundation updated the platform, and the community can now ape into the numbers!


“It is great to see it finally released,” ApeCoin DAO Special Council Member and author of the Treasury Tab proposal, Waabam, told the Gazette. “Hats off to MemeBrains and the NodeBlocks team for all of their hard work on it.”


The ApeCoin DAO has one of the largest community treasuries in all of the crypto space with over $509,000,000 USD worth of $Ape and UDSC at its disposal, according to the DAO’s Treasury Dashboard.


Along with knowing how much the DAO has in its treasury, the new dashboard also shows $Ape holders how much the DAO is spending per month on expenses such as staking rewards and lists the 82 wallets that hold the DAO’s treasury.


“One thing that community members should keep in mind is that the treasury payments made to the ApeStake contract are the most significant outflows from the treasury every month,” Waabam said. “The spend rate would be significantly less if those are removed. I don't say that as a value judgement on the benefits of the staking AIP, just pointing it so the community understands.”


ApeCoin DAO Contributors who are interested in checking out the new treasury tab can do so here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the DAO’s treasury and will keep you posted on its money in and money out. Stay tuned for updates!

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