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Two BAYC Members Are Curating An Art Show At Pier 17's 0x17 Gallery Beginning This Month

These bored Ape Yacht Club members are set to take over the 0x17 Gallery located at New York City’s Pier 17 later this month.

Earlier this year, the BAYC took over Pier 17 for its second annual Ape Fest. Now, four months later, these BAYC members are heading back to the venue and showcasing some of their Yuga Labs assets.

BAYC members BoredClint and Mealsanddeals are curating their own art show at 0x17gallery located at Pier 17 beginning on October 26th.

“@Mealsandeals and I are ecstatic to work alongside Howard Hughes / Pier 17 and present key works from our shared collection in their physical gallery,” BoredClint told the Gazette. “The works curated encompass our journey and thoughts on digital collectables and blockchain technology. The collection features a wide range of works and use cases in an attempt to display the broad spectrum of possibilities NFTs offer.”

In total, BoredClint and Mealanddeals will showcase 35 different NFTs including 11 Yuga Lab assets.

"We have 5 total collections: digital native artists, photography, traditional artists, profile pictures, and digital land," BoredClint explained. "Each collection has 7 pieces that will rotate to the next collection showcasing 35 total pieces."

To kick off the exhibit, BoredClint and Mealsanddeals will be hosting an opening reception at Pier 17 on October 26th from 6-9 P.M. After that, the collection will run at the gallery from October 26th through January 26th, 2023.

To Find out more about the reception or exhbit, check out the events website here:

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