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Vora, An Extended Yugaverse Gaming Project, Plans To Release Two New Games In The Next Month

As Voyagers prepare to break on through to the Otherside later this year, this extended Yugaverse gaming project is set to release two new games and update its flagship project over the next month and a half!

Things will be anything but boring around the swamp this summer, as Vora, a transmedia storytelling and gaming initiative, is set to release its second game dubbed Dash-Bored next week, followed by updates to the project's 'Flappy Koda' game later this month. The excitement will then continue with the release of its 'Molten Mayhem' game, built on the Fortnite gaming engine, in early July.

“We’re gamifying the lore,” Vora’s founder told the Gazette.

Vora’s Dash-Bored game will be an endless runner style project where players will run as Bored Ape and fly with the help of Koda farts through mazes and obstacles. Vora’s Dash-Bored game will also be tied to a free NFT drop dubbed the cosmic reactor, according to the project.

Following the release of next week’s Dash-Bored game, Vora will then release the V2 version of its flagship Flappy Koda game.

This V2 update will introduce a new store option where players will be able to purchase powerups and Koda cosmetics in $Ape.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Flappy Koda was first released in October 2022 and is based off the popular, and extremely addictive mobile game, Flappy Bird.

In Flappy Koda, players doge and fart their way through obstacles as they collect “Voranium.”

“Voranium is one of the most powerful substances in the universe,” the project wrote at the time. “It is the key to Vora. Do you have what it takes to claim it?”

Apes who would like to play the current version of Flappy Koda can check it out here:

Following Vora’s V2 updates to Flappy Koda, the project will then release its third game titled Molten Mayhem in early July.

This game will be a 3rd person shooter built in the Fortnite gaming engine and set on a molten Otherdeed. Take a look at some screen grabs from the game below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Vora and bring you ongoing coverage of the stories and games that this project builds. Stay tuned for updates!

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