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WINNER:Here Are The 5 $APE Influencer Initiatives That ThankApe Funded During Its PropHouse Contests

The ApeCoin DAO is about to be elevated after the Ape community voted to fund five ApeCoin influencers to help spread the $Ape word during ThankApe’s PropHouse contests last month!

Yugaverse lend me your ear, things have been anything but boring recently as $Ape creators from across the Yugaverse pitched 228 ideas to ThankApe’s five “Building The Future Of ApeCoin Builders Grant Contests!”

"Why we're doing this,” ThankApe tweeted in August.“1. We believe in the power of #ApeCoinBuilders to imagine into and build the future of web3. 2. We want to recognize our builders for excellent work across categories! 3. We need passionate builders to help create a thriving ApeCoin DAO ecosystem!”

During the five contests, $Ape 'Designers, Developers, Influencers, Futurist, and Governance Geeks' were all invited to submit their ideas and projects into various competitions and vie for $Ape grants ranging from 269 $Ape to 2007 $Ape!

One of ThankApe's builder's contests was designed explicitly for influencers in the $Ape ecosystem to share $Ape with the masses!

“Spread the word about ApeCoin to a diverse web3 audience - and onboard new members into our community,” ThankApe wrote in the contest’s description. “Outline your plans to elevate, honor, and grow our ApeCoin community - and share us in a positive light. Perhaps it’s a thread deep-dive series, a Spaces series, an IRL talk at a major conference, a viral slogan, a new ApeCoin partnership, or other. Share your idea here. If your idea wins, we’ll reward you for bringing it to life.”

Take a look at the five winning ideas from the ‘ApeCoin ApeCoin Influencers: Spreading ApeCoin Worldwide contest and get the TLDR on each initiative below:

1: YouTube video tutorial series of how to participate in ApeCoin DAO by Otherspace.Eth

“Create a YouTube video playlist of How-To videos on the most common and important actions to participate in ApeCoin DAO.”

2: Dr. Otto : Magic Unraveled by Ridaz.Eth

“Youtube series of Dr. Otto comically debunking coin/magic tricks using ApeCoin.”

3: Bored Media Group Expanded DAO Coverage by 0x0fE

“Add additional content to our already Yuga Labs and Apecoin DAO focused content through our weekly stream and more.”

4: ApeCoin creators Meetup Event by 0x1f6

“Through showcasing activities of ApeCoin creators, Exploring the ApeCoin Culture and Ecosystem Together.”

5:Apecoin for Everyone: A Visual and Viral Marketing Campaign

“A fun & organic way to bring ApeCoin marketing to a broader community with personalized art”

Each of these five winners will receive 2007 $Ape upon the completion of their initiatives, according to ThankApe. Each of these influencers must deliver their completed ideas to the DAO by September 30th to receive their reward.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow these five winners and will let you know when and where you can check out their $Ape content! Stay tuned for updates!

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