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Wreck League's Founders Cup Is Tonight. Here's How Yuga Labs' CGO Plans To Win:

After beating Covid-19, Yuga Labs’ Chief Gaming Officer, Spencer Tucker, is getting ready to beat his fellow web3 founders in a Mech Melee tonight as he and seven others face off in Animoca Brands’ Wreck League Founders Cup Tournament!

Hundreds of Wreck League Majestic and Booster boxes are up for grabs tonight as Mocaverse’s Yat Siu, Yuga Labs’ Spencer Tucker, Cool Cats’ Clon, RealThirdWeb’s Jonah, nWay’s TK, ON1 Force’s StarLordy, DEGODS’ Frank, and Sappy Seals’ Wab face off in Wreck League’s first Founder Cup Tournament!

“The fight everyone’s been waiting for,” the game tweeted. “The Founders Cup goes live at 6 PM PT on September 9.”

As the eight Founders get ready to fight their frens, Yuga Labs’ Spencer Tucker took to Twitter for the first time in a while to tell the Yugaverse that he beat Covid-19 and that he’s ready for some friendly competiton!

“Just getting over Covid, what better way to recuperate than to battle it out in WL.,” he tweeted. “Looking forward to some friendly competition later today best of luck to all the competitors this evening!”

After his tweet, Tucker told the Gazette that his strategy for tonight’s battles is to control the mid-range.

“Going to focus on trying to command the mid range and go for deck rolling if I get stuck with lots of defensive rolls. Part of the game is the unpredictability of the deck you land and the range of your attacks/how you try to land combos. We will see how it goes, but aiming to build some distance while managing the deck to try for a ranged DPS play. I’m up against a close quarters combatant build jn match 1, so we will see how it plays out.”

Animoca Brands’ Wreck League Tournament begins tomrrow at 9 P.M. EST and everyone in Web3 space can tune in and support their favorite Founder via Twitch and YouTube below!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Wreck League’s Founders Cup Tournament and will bring you live updates from the event throughout the night. Stay tuned for updates!

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