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Yuga Labs Announced A $1M USD Initiative To Support Arts& Education In Miami

On Wednesday Yuga Labs’ leadership met with the mayor of Miami and announced that the company would donate $1 Million USD to support the arts and education across the Magic City.

Miami is a special place,” Yuga Labs tweeted. “It's the birthplace of @BoredApeYC and most of our leadership team. This is a vibrant community with a bright future – we’re thrilled to announce a new $1 million initiative to support arts and education programs there.”

To kick off its charitable campaign, Yuga Labs donated $300,000 USD to Venture Miami Scholarship Fund.

“The Venture Miami Scholarship Fund provides tuition support to provide gap funding for at-need City residents who have been accepted into STEM or defined demand occupation programs at participating colleges and universities,” according to the fund’s website.

“It’s still mind-blowing to us that we’re able to do this,” BAYC Co-Founders Garga and Gordon Goner wrote in a blog post earlier today. “But we know firsthand the kind of talent that Miami is capable of producing, and we want to make sure that the next generation of innovators and storytellers get their shot at fulfilling their potential. As a web3 company, it’s been amazing to watch how the city of Miami has committed to becoming a global hub for the crypto/blockchain community – it’s one of the main reasons we’re so excited to keep building out our business and club here.”

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez applauded Yuga Labs for its commitment to the city following its donation.

"Connecting local talent to career opportunities is an essential step in supporting Miami’s burgeoning tech and blockchain community,"Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez said in a press release. "Yuga Labs is a leader in Miami’s growing web3 business community. We’re thrilled to join forces with them to provide Miamians the education they need to earn sought-after careers with high-paying wages."

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Yuga Labs new donation initiative and will let you know what they contribute to next.

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