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Yuga Labs Announced Four New Partners Today As Part Of Its Plan To Make Otherside A Reality!

After Yuga Labs announced that they were partnering with four new companies to ‘build a technologically versatile Otherside,' the company took to Discord and assured everyone that adding more partners is a step forward and that this has always been part of their plan!

On Wednesday, Yuga Labs announced that it had new partnerships with the spatial technology company Hadean, the platform technology company AccelByte, the gaming studio Bad Rhino Studios, and the gaming studio and publisher Faraway, according to a press release from Yuga Labs.

Following the announcement, many Voyagers were wondering what this meant for Otherside going forward.

To expand on today's partnership announcements, Yuga Labs' Co-Founder Garga took to Discord this afternoon and said that the headline here is that Yuga Labs needs more technology partners in order to make the Otherside a reality and that more partners were always part of the plan.

“The headline here is really just need a lot of diff tech partners to fulfill and accelerate vision for Otherside," Garga said this afternoon. "Which was always the plan tbh."

Garga’s comments were reiterated by Otherside Community Manger PM0721 who said that these partnerships are an acceleration plan towards breaking on through to the Otherside.

“This is an acceleration plan, not a restart,” PM0721 said in Discord. “We’re working with our partners, including the deep collaboration with Hadean, to accelerate the infrastructure needed for Otherside in its multiple forms. Improbable helped us get to where we are now. There has always been an expectation that we will partner with many companies to handle the pieces of a fully featured metaverse. This is part of why Yuga joined OMA# to ensure metaverse interoperability. Also, in conjunction with Bad Rhino, Yuga hosted the LA test event, and we plan to have another test event in the very near future. Our team is working on Otherside development, with daily builds being tested internally. We will continue to partner strategically moving forward to accelerate the development of Otherside, ODK, and future experiences moving forward.”

The idea of Yuga Labs working with many partners with various technologies to make the Otherside a reality was previously brought up by Yuga Labs’ new Chief Technology Officer Mike Seavers on May 26th, 2023 as part of his first week reflections.

“We will realize a more persistent @OthersideMeta, and my commitment as CTO is transparency and execution. So here’s my vision of the principles we’ll focus on: 1. We will put our community first - always. Technology is an enabler, but shouldn’t be the focus, or even need to be visible. Our focus is on epic experiences. 2. To achieve that, we need our platform to be tech agnostic and open. Otherside will transcend any provider or technology to avoid walled gardens.”

Garga echoed Seavers’ comments about transcending any one provider in another Discord post earlier today.

“We have a lot of different partners,” Garga wrote. “Hadean has had published SDKs for a long time and was running record-breaking battle royales in 2019. Is Hadean ‘building Otherside?’ No, they are one partner. We are not committed to any single vendors tech.”

“I want to take the best of everything and throw it into Otherside,” Garga continued. “Greedy like that tbh.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Otherside and will let you know when Yuga Labs does next! Stay tuned for updates.

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