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Yuga Labs CEO Garga Congratulated Bored Brewing Co. On Opening Its NFT Taproom Over The Weekend!

Following Bored Brewing Co.’s inaugural Brewfest and grand opening of its NFT-themed taproom over the weekend, the Twitter timeline turned into a lovefest, with Yuga Labs Co-Founder and CEO Garga giving the brewery’s founder Pieter his flowers and raising a glass to the boring business he built!

After years of work, an Ape Improvement Proposal, and a lot of support from his frens around the swamp, Pieter and the Bored Brewing Co team officially opened their NFT themed taproom in Calgary Canda last weekend and threw a three day bender to celebrate.


During the three day event, Apes and NFT enthusiasts drank Bored Brewing Co.’s NFT themed seltzers and ales, shot some brewsketball, checked out Bored Brewing’s ‘brewdega,’ caught up with friends, and marveled at the bar’s massive mural featuring a bunch of longtime BAYC members.



"What @PieterWeb3 and the whole @BoredBrewingCo team have built is just incredible to see,” Yuga Labs CEO Garga tweeted after Brewfest. “In this space, people saying they are "builders" has become a meme at this point. But a lot of apes are doing really cool shit. Bored Brewing is putting real cans in real people's hands. And it all tastes great. Bummed I couldn't make it to the grand opening of the new clubhouse and taproom. But I'll definitely be making a pilgrimage there at some point.”



Following Garga’s kind words, Pieter told the Gazette that he’s just happy to see the brand he built resonating with so many people around the swamp.


“I’m just happy people like what we've built so far :),” he said. “Feels great to know the people we admire in our community are aware of what you've been working so hard on for months and months - but also we're just getting started, excited to keep building with the amazing humans of Web3 and reach more and more people in and outside of Web3 :).”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Bored Brewing Co. and will let you know what Pieter does next. Stay tuned for updates!

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