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Yuga Labs Gave Voyagers A Behind The Camera Look At Their Selfie Tech! Check Out Some Apes Come Home Selfies Here:

After Bored Ape Yacht Club members and Voyagers said ‘cheese’ as they snapped photos with their friends across Bored Ape Island last month, Yuga Labs gave everyone a behind-the-scenes look at their selfie tech.

Apes and Voyagers traveled to the Otherside on February 29th for Yuga Labs’ three Apes Come Home Events and snapped selfies at the Clubhouse, the Bathroom, a top-secret HV-MTL Hangar, a Mutant Cave, and the swamp.

Twenty-two days after the Apes' and Voyagers' trip to Otherside, Yuga Labs took to social media in their first-ever X Article post, giving the community a closer look at their popular Kodacamera lens, which helped Apes create memories that'll last a lifetime.

In the Article, Yuga Labs explained that the company was inspired to bring selfies to Otherside after seeing so many Apes taking photos of their avatars during the company’s Dj& Degens Apefest event in November 2023.

“Enabling the community to create and share experiences is core to Otherside,” Yuga Labs explained. “Expression of one’s digital identity is ingrained into Otherside. During our Apefest playtest we saw community members were eager to share images of their 3D Avatar. Thus, the Koda Camera was born.”

Adding Koda cameras to the Otherside Apes Come Home events proved to be a great idea as BAYC members and voyagers collectively snapped 140,000 photos throughout the day!

At this time, we do not know when Apes will be back on Otherside’s Bored Ape Island, but we do know that Meebits will be heading to Meetropolis later this Spring for a ‘Meebs Come Home’ Otherside experience.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all things Otherside and will let you know when Voyagers will be able to visit the metaverse again. Stay tuned for updates!

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