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Yuga Labs Hired Christie’s Noah Davis To Lead The CryptoPunks

Yuga Labs and the Bored Ape Yacht Club announced that the “NFT Guy” at Christie’s will be joining the Yugaverse next month.

In a nine tweet thread BAYC Co-Founder Garga told the community that Yuga Labs has hired Christie’s Specialist And Head Of Digital And Online Sales, Noah Davis AKA NonFungibleNoah on Twitter to lead the CryptoPunks.

“On the whole, we think the Punks community sees Punks the same way we do - as fine art,” Garga tweeted. “So how best to steward the project? We approached Noah Davis (aka @nonfungiblenoah), who was responsible for bringing Beeple’s historic The First 5,000 Days to auction at Christie’s, along with the NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT auction which featured Punks and Apes side-by-side in HK. In our conversations with Noah, we learned that his vision for Punks and web3 as a whole aligns with our own. We’re excited to announce Noah will be joining the Yuga team in July to help lead CryptoPunks.”

Garga went on to say that Yuga Labs and Davis will be taking a slow approach to CryptoPunks and that neither of them have plans plaster Punks on random items.

“We’re committed to a slow and thoughtful approach to Punks that takes into account the community’s involvement and support,” Garga tweeted. “We’re humbled to be the stewards of this historic IP, and we have the utmost confidence in Noah and the Punk community.”

After the announcement, Davis took to Twitter and said that he is humbled and exited to join the Yuga Labs team.

“I’m humbled and honored to announce I’ll be leaving my current post in July to steward the CryptoPunks as Brand Lead under the umbrella of @yugalabs before I say anything else it’s important to confirm what we WON’T be doing… simply put: I WILL NOT FUCK WITH THE PUNKS, Davis tweeted. “What does that mean? It means no Punks on lunchboxes or cringe TV shows/shitty movies. It means no arbitrary rushed utility or thoughtless airdrops. It means if you love your Punk(s) because they are what they are (just Punks) then you and I see eye to eye.”

Davis said he will be at the CryptoPunks brunch during NFT NYC and that he is happy to speak with any holder. “Wherever Punks go, the community will help guide us,” he tweeted.

In closing, Davis said that he is excited for the future and is looking forward to his new role.

“I really can’t overstate how incredible this journey out of the old Art World and into Web3 has been and I can’t wait to see where the road ahead leads,” he said. “I only know it will continue to be wild and weird. And I like it that way. Onward, upward and Long Live the Punks.”

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