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Yuga Labs Is Updating The CryptoPunks App. Here's What We Know So Far:

On Tuesday Yuga Labs announced that the company has started a new initiative dubbed “The CryptoPunks.App Restoration Project”

In an eight-part Twitter thread, Yuga Labs, via the official CryptoPunks Twitter account, announced that it has been working behind the scenes to update the CryptoPunks marketplace.

“The Punks app holds a special place in the heart of the community, but the most consistent feedback we heard was that it needs to evolve,” Yuga Labs tweeted. “In collaboration with trusted and experienced Punk community members, @yugalabs engineering will take on the task of restoring the site, improving overall UX/UI, and ensuring that any technical vulnerabilities are addressed.

Further in the thread, Yuga Labs linked to a blog post from CryptoPunks Brand Lead, Noah Davis who laid out the three main principles of “The CryptoPunks.App Restoration Project.”

1. Yuga will not be doing this in a silo – changes will only be implemented after considering community feedback.

2. We will future-proof as much as possible – the foundation needs to be strengthened to ensure that as blockchain technology evolves, the app can keep up with the times.

3. Quality is a top priority – We plan to work swiftly to improve the UI/UX, but we will not set artificial deadlines, we want to get this done correctly.

Along with these guiding principles, Davis announced the creation of a restoration review board made up of some notable CryptoPunks.

“In order to guide Yuga’s approach to this initiative, we’ve assembled some seasoned and trusted Punks to represent the community as part of our Restoration Review Board,” Davis wrote. “These Punks are tasked with scrutinizing all the fine print/code we’ve prepared and will have a voice to propose additional fixes or changes to the marketplace and app.”

The CryptoPunks on this board are 0xfoobar, 0xMunger, 0xTycoon, aceonedesign, _MouseDev, MB__nft, punk5776, PunksOTC, Tschuuuuly, and VRPunk1.

To find out more about the “The CryptoPunks.App Restoration Project” check out Davis’ full blog post on it here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this initiative and will let you know what updates and changes are made to the CryptoPunks marketplace.

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