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Yuga Labs' VP Of Product Hopes That Voyagers Will Be Able To Battle The Shattered Later This Week

As Voyagers continue to nest their vessels and farm for resources in the Legends of The Mara, Yuga Labs' Vice Presidents of Product, CFort, took to Twitter and addressed players' questions about when Hunter Maras and Kodas will truly be able to battle the Shattered again.

Yuga Labs' Legend of The Mara game launched on September 26th, and Voyagers got their first chance to set up camp on Otherside, nest their Mara Vessels, and begin playing the game.

Since the game’s launch, players have been able to nest their Vessels and farm for resources on their Otherdeeds, but they have not had the opportunity to fight the Shattered the way Yuga Labs intended with any consistency.

Today, Yuga Labs’ VP of Product, CFort, took to Twitter and said that his communication with the community this past week was unacceptable and that he and his team felt like they have been on the cusp of fixing the game all week.

“I made a mistake in not reaching out to the community sooner,” he wrote. “Every single day since Thursday of last week it felt like we were moments away from bringing the game back online. That caused me to delay on updates in the hopes that I’d have good news.”

CFort went on to say that he and the team are hoping to have the game back online later this week and promised to be more transparent with the community going forward.

“In terms of the game - we’re building and testing a series of fixes for today,” he said. “If it passes the tests, we’ll release this week. And if it doesn’t, I’ll tell you. End of thread - there are no links.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Voyagers are currently in the first season of Yuga Labs’ Legend of the Mara game and the goal of this season is preparing for the battles ahead.

In order to participate in the Legends of The Mara game, Voyagers must burn their Otherdeeds for Yuga Labs’ new dynamic Otherdeed collection dubbed “Otherdeed Expanded.”

By burning their original Otherdeeds, Voyagers will receive a new Otherdeed expanded NFT along with either a Farmer, Hunter, or Enchanter Vessel that they can nest on their land.

For more information on claiming a Vessel and burning an Otherdeed for an Otherdeed Expanded NFT, please visit Yuga Labs’ website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Legends of The Mara and will keep you posted on the Shattered. Stay tuned for updates!

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