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10KTF Announced A Pause To The Project's Weekly Storytelling As New Tokyo Moves To Otherside

It was a somber 10KTF Thursday in New Tokyo yesterday as the project paid its respects to those who were let go from the team last week and announced a pause on the project’s weekly storytelling structure as they move to the metaverse.

After Yuga Labs announced that they would be restructuring the 10KTF team and having the project join the Otherside team last week, 10KTF’s Director, Tervork, broke the fourth wall and addressed the Grailed about the future of the project.

“Dear Grailed, @tervork here, Director of 10KTF. After 107 Thursdays, we're bulldozing the fourth wall for the first time. We've made the decision to speak cleanly and directly about the coming weeks.”

In an 18-part thread, Tervork informed the community that 10KTF will be moving to Otherside sooner than expected. As a result, he and the team will no longer host the project's Thursday Twitter shows and will shift their focus from Wagmi-Sans' story to Otherside.

“How are Thursdays going to be different? Well, 10KTF is going to be a much bigger part of Otherside sooner than originally planned,” Tervork wrote, “It's a LOT of work, and we're jazzed, but it also means in the short term we won't have the bandwidth to spend half the week on a Thursday show.”

While the 10KTF community will not be getting weekly 10KTF stories about the life of Wagmi-San for a bit, they will be getting a new collection thats inspired by the legendary crafter .

“The upcoming 10KTF collection is called The Grailed,” Tervork wrote. “It's inspired by seminal moments in Wagmi-san's life. These stories are lessons representing a balance of virtues that make him who he is today and guidance for who we can be tomorrow. It is his life's work, and gift to us all.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow 10KTF as the project moves to the Otherside and will keep you posted on the Grailed. Stay tuned for updates!

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