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21 ApeCoin DAO Contributors Are Running For Special Council. Find Out More About Each Candidate:

The ApeCoin DAO's second election season is heating up, and 21 DAO contributors have thrown their hats in the ring and are officially running for the two open Special Council positions!

The next few weeks will be anything but boring around the swamp as ApeCoin DAO contributors get to know the 21 Special Council candidates and find out why each of them believes they're the right $Ape for the job!

Take a look at each of the 21 candidates Nomination Statements below:


“I want to be that diversity that DAO don’t have yet. A skilled member with many backgrounds and different experiences that speak many languages and align with mindset of talents plus investors in the same time. Simone who can much a development opportunity for a talent to the DAO expansion, also having in mind how it will benefit the shareholders/token owners. I speak 4 languages, have many tech & security certification, owned 2 companies, worked at Apple Inc for 5 years at many store and corporate positions. Worked hard and lived in many places in the words embracing the culture : from Asia to Europe to America. I love to give people the opportunities and elevate good causes.”


"I am running for the Special Council to leverage my hosting, community building and marketing skills to drive desperately needed attention, growth and participation within the DAO."


"As an early BAYC holder and ApeCoin community member since day 1, I care a lot about the development of ApeCoin DAO. I want to contribute with my experience and knowledge that I gained from both running a proper DAO and startup to the ApeCoin community. I see ApeCoin DAO having potential to incentivize even more talents to bring in high-quality proposals, especially proposals with innovation, proper execution plans, and measurable deliverables. I want to serve on the Special Council because I want ApeCoin to bring more positive impact to the whole crypto space."


"From the inception of Apecoin DAO, I have been an active and engaged member of the community. This firsthand experience has given me invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities that our organization faces. I understand the needs and aspirations of our community members, and I am dedicated to representing their interests on the Special Council. In addition to my strong community involvement, I bring professional expertise as someone who works at a venture capital fund. Through my role, I have gained a deep understanding of market trends, investment strategies, and the importance of fostering innovation. I am well-versed in assessing projects and identifying promising opportunities within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Furthermore, I have a solid grasp of intellectual property matters, which is vital in a technology-driven ecosystem like ours. If elected, I will leverage my comprehensive understanding of the community, venture capital experience, and knowledge of intellectual property to make informed decisions that promote growth, sustainability, and inclusivity within Apecoin DAO. I will strive to create an environment that fosters collaboration, transparency, and responsible innovation. I am eager to work closely with fellow council members and community stakeholders to drive Apecoin DAO forward. Together, we can shape the future of decentralized finance and position our organization as a catalyst for positive change in the blockchain industry. Thank you for considering my candidacy. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve on the Special Council and contribute to the ongoing success of Apecoin DAO."


"Since leaving my job as a lawyer at a national Canadian law firm late last summer, I have been a full-time participant and leader in the ApeCoin DAO. During that time, I helped steer the DAO through a crisis of governance. I have authored or co-authored many of the AIPs that now comprise the governance structure of the DAO. I have developed strong professional relationships with the current members of Special Council and the Ape Foundation’s legal counsel, and I have built a long track record of making a positive impact in the ApeCoin DAO. As the DAO moves into this next phase of its evolution, I have thought long and hard about where I can best put my unique skills and experiences to work in service of the DAO. After many conversations with DAO members, voters, mentors, and other leaders within our community, it’s clear I can add the most value as a member of the ApeCoin DAO Special Council."


"Rather than simply complain of a lack of transparency and oversight I’m offering to do something about it. If you understand the value of putting highly qualified persons in place who are not part of the established “in” crowd, along with proper oversight and auditing, I’m here for you."


"I am running for the ApeCoin DAO Special Council because I want to help the DAO reach its potential as a transformative way to organize our community resources. With my unique background that includes deep knowledge of legal and regulatory matters, I am well-suited to provide valuable insights and guidance to the DAO."


Dear Esteemed Members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club,

I am writing to officially announce my candidacy for the Special Council. Known within our vibrant community as The Banana Rat, I bring a wealth of experience in portfolio management, strategic planning, and project delivery, bolstered by a unique ability to tell compelling stories that resonate. My professional journey includes notable stints in Fortune 500 environments, where I led Project Management Offices (PMO) with a keen focus on efficiency and productivity. These roles allowed me to gain critical insights into strategic planning and implementation. In managing extensive portfolios, I have overseen the development and execution of long-term strategies that have consistently driven organizational growth.

In the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of the metaverse, my experience in these areas will prove invaluable. As a member of the Special Council, I will employ these skills to drive our club’s expansion while ensuring our financial sustainability and success in the long run.

Beyond my management experience, I am a storyteller at heart. I believe stories have the power to unite us, inspire us, and ultimately, define us. By leveraging this skill, I intend to cultivate an even stronger sense of community within our club, bridging gaps and fostering deeper connections amongst our members. Yet, perhaps my most defining quality is the spirit I bring to every endeavor. As The Banana Rat, I am renowned for my energy, positivity, and unwavering commitment to our shared goals. I firmly believe that this enthusiasm, coupled with my extensive professional experience, will bring a refreshing perspective to the council.

It would be an honor to serve this extraordinary community and work collectively towards propelling the Bored Ape Yacht Club to the forefront of the metaverse. I am excited about the potential of this position and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to further discuss my candidacy. Thank you for your consideration. Let’s sail together towards a brighter future!

Sincerely, The Banana Rat Has Spoken."


"I go by Houdinifr, a name that might be unfamiliar to you. And that’s exactly the point. I’m not just seeking a position on the Special Council to fulfill its demands, but to also serve as a conduit for those who are on the outside looking into our vibrant ApeCoin community. With your trust, I promise to fuel my position with ALL of my skills, experiences, and undivided attention."


"Vote for Herb."


"I want to push the web3 revolution forward and I see ApeCoin DAO at the head of it. We have an amazing opportunity to nurture an environment in which web3 innovation can thrive and help seed hundreds of promising ideas, many of which will grow to define our daily culture for years to come. As a Venture Partner at Stacks Accelerator in '21, my primary responsibility was to help startups navigate legal and business environments, whether it was helping them solidify product-market fit, connecting with crypto lawyers, assisting with tokenomics, or introducing to potential investors and hires. This involved a lot of coordination and required both the ability to zoom out for bigger picture as well as being hands-on with specific challenges present for both the startups and the accelerator itself. I think digital property ownership is an inalienable right without which freedom in the metaverse is not possible. I think the future of web3 and the metaverse will be built by many and the ApeCoin DAO will be a major enabler of that. It would be an honor and a privilege of a lifetime to apply my experiences in software, gaming, venture, and crypto to play my part in fostering the best environment for the builders of our web3-enabled future."


"As a long time member and supporter of the overall ecosystem, I would like to contribute to the DAO/ community in a more meaningful way. As a special council member I will use my platform to drive awareness to the DAO, embrace the current values/ direction of the DAO as stated from day 1 and use my skills and experience to make a difference day to day as a strong and experienced representative of the community."


"Dear ApeCoin DAO Community, Today, I stand humbly before you, sharing the same love for ApeCoin and the web3 culture that it represents. I am applying for the ApeCoin Special Council to channel this passion into action. APE isn’t just a token; it’s our tool to shape the cultural landscape of the metaverse. Our shared initiatives, powered by APE, drive this cultural evolution forward. My background in crypto, Business, start ups and this DAO gives me an understanding of the balance needed for sustainability. As a member of the Special Council, I will focus on creating steady revenue streams to ensure our DAO’s long-term vitality. I also value the legacy we’re building. Collaborating with the legal team, I aim to maximize our influence far into the future, ensuring a lasting impact. In the council, I will be your voice. Through every tweet or Discord discussion, your thoughts will be heard and valued. This application encapsulates my enthusiasm for our shared vision. I hope to embark on this journey with you, making our dreams a reality and creating a meaningful future and most importantly have fun. Yours, Zack."


"I’m running for Special Council because I think I can contribute to the DAO in a positive way. I’m finishing a two-year term at my kids’ school PTA Board, and realized I was learning a lot, enjoyed the work, and was really good at it. This opportunity sparked my interest because I was already looking for other places I could continue doing governance work. Also, I’m always looking for ways to participate in projects and organizations within web3 that I believe in."


"Over two years ago I arrived, bright-eyed and energized by this new, exciting corner of the world where I quickly learned the potential of Blockchain as a means to empower and build alongside equally energized people. Every day since then I have worked in service of the web3 as a community builder by co-creating organizations and collectives committed to bringing together communities—from sports to the arts—most times self-funded to provide quality experiences that would push the space forward by uplifting creators in the web3 ecosystem and onboarding. Running for ApeCoin Special Council is an organic, logical continuation of my service to the community. The Special Council has built the foundation and now is the time to use their good work to grow."


"As a dedicated member and believer in the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem, I have been actively involved since November 18th, 2021, and I am passionate about contributing to the continued success and growth of Ape Coin. Being part of the Ape Coin Special Council would be a dream come true, as it would allow me to combine my expertise with my unwavering belief in the potential of Ape Coin."


"Having spent the vast majority of my professional life in highly regulated TradFi institutions, including being a committee/board member responsible for the governance and oversight of regulated platforms, I am keen to bring my years of experience within operational frameworks to web3 - my passion."


"I want to bring value to the community and be their voice."


"I believe I will be able to make a valuable contribution in providing guidance on issues that may be faced and I believe I have sufficient business and legal experience to be able to assist with effective governance or implementation."


"Cause I love yuga and want to help contribute to the growing the ecosystem."


"I aim to clear the gap between what Apecoin DAO is and what all we can achieve as a DAO to a whole different level. Pushing the boundaries of community and culture, I want to create an environment where Apecoin DAO is approachable by all $ape holders who believe this to be the currency of web3. I, Evil being a part of Special Council will show people that you dont necessary have to own BAYC or MAYC to contribute towards the DAO but have the will to guide community towards creating an environment that will flourish for years to come and leave a mark on-chain."

Now that the nominees have officially announced their candidacies, they will spend the next few weeks of campaigning and answering the communities questions.

After that, the $Ape community will cast their votes, and the top 5 vote-getting nominees will move on to the next round and become Special Council candidates.

Take a look at a full time line for the Special Council election season below:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to interview all 21 candidates and find out why they're the right choice for $Ape office! Stay tuned for updates.

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