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5 Questions With The Author Of AIP 64 "APE Coin Festival - Bringing NFT Communities Together"

There is a new Ape Improvement Proposal on the ballot this week at the Ape Coin DAO that asks $Ape Holders if they want an Ape Coin Festival in the future.

AIP 64 is titled “APE Coin Festival - Bringing NFT Communities Together,” is a Brand Decision AIP that was submitted by ApeCoin DAO member SSP1111 AKA Bored Ape Yacht Club member HopiumLabs.

The purpose of this proposal is to determine whether the community believes that the idea of an ApeCoin conference is feasible and a good decision for the DAO. This proposal is NOT pitching or planning an event, according to the AIP.

“This AIP is proposing to do the legwork to secure letters of interest from various NFT Communities, Brands, Sponsors, Venues and Event Cos BEFORE drafting a separate proposal for putting together a DAO-Owned and Managed Conference & Festival - aka Web3 Village,” HopiumLabs wrote.

The Bored Ape Gazette caught up with HopiumLabs and asked him a few more questions about his AIP. Check out the full interview below:

1: So what’s your goal with this AIP?

“Immediately after NFTnyc, hundreds of ideas popped up on Twitter, Discord and in our APECoin DAO for a better event or a better APEfest or more APECoin presence at events across the globe. While many were good, most were not feasible. AIP-64 is an effort to gauge the market to see if an $APE-backed event fills a need in the ecosystem.”

2: Why should people want a web3 village?

“The idea of a Web3-Village comes from my work at CoachellaFest where we produced mini-conferences for brands during the days immediately before the festival so executives and partners could combine their travel plans and basically mix business/pleasure. There were many advantages to this set-up including saving tons of $$$ in the expense and efforts involved booking/producing entertainment. Web3 Village is basically a decentralized version of that idea.”

3: What do you think a web3 village event would include?

“I could easily envision a DAO creating the foundation for a flagship event -- venue, legal, paperwork, licenses, security, vendors, etc -- and then allowing NFT projects from across the spectrum to hold their events within this area. Basically, aggregating all satellite events into one, obviously large space. The advantages for attendees is one-stop shopping, minimal Uber-costs, walkable experience and the pros for communities are the cross-pollination of ideas, talent, members, shared-costs, and synergies.”

4: Why do you think should the ApeCoin DAO lead something like this?

“This is a great question and one that I don't really have an answer for. Maybe it's not APECoin. But if we're to onboard thousands of non-crypto folks onto Web3, I believe it has to be a team effort shared across the hundreds of NFT communities looking for next-level engagement with fellow degens and doing their part to safely introduce this world to their friends and colleagues. Right now, 99% of folks at most of our industry events have already drank the Kool-Aid and outsiders seem to be looking at us as cults. I mean they're not wrong, I think we just need to be more inclusive, family-friendly and intentional about a flagship event and that's where the Web3 Village idea comes in and now we just need to determine if APECoin is that neutral DAO collab.”

5: If this is passed what happens next?

“Well, if AIP-64 passes then we take about 30-45 days to gauge interest and aggregate data done through a landing page and Airtable. Once populated, we'd create a presentation or visuals to help the community envision the need or the opportunity for either a flagship event, a series of smaller local events, a presence at other events, or an Events Support Department (that last one came to me recently). If the appetite is real, we'd start again with another proposal or two based on the data from AIP-64. So hopefully, any monies we spend on event ideas are not wasted on pure speculation but have a strategic intentionality behind them.”

$Ape holders have until August 10th at 9:00 P.M. EST to vote on AIP 64. The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this AIP and will let you know the final results!

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