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66 CryptoPunks Have Co-Signed A 'Punk Statement' Asking Yuga Labs To Keep Building With CryptoPunks Following The Super Punks World Fallout.

Following the release of Punk In Residence Artist Nina Chanel Abney’s Super Punks World collection on Monday, the subsequent controversy surrounding everything from the art's aesthetics, politics, and mint to Yuga Labs’ decision to no longer touch Punks and scrap the Punk In Residence initiative, 66 CryptoPunk holders have signed a statement disavowing what they call ‘a minority of people’s aggressive and insulting messages.’

It’s been quite a week for the CryptoPunks community after Yuga Labs revealed its first ever Punk In Residence Artist, Nina Chanel Abney’s ‘Super Punk World’ collection, which is currently on display at the Jack Shainman Gallery in New York, online, receiving wide array of criticism and support from Web3 world.

Hours after Yuga Labs’ reveal of the Super Punk World Collection, Garga took to Twitter and announced that Yuga Labs would no longer touch Punks and that the Super Punk World collection would now be airdropped to Abney’s NFT holders instead of being auctioned off.

Five days after the blowback and pivot away from touching Punks by Yuga Labs, CryptoPunk Arkaydeus took to Twitter with a ‘Punk Statement’ from the community asking Yuga Labs to ignore the loud angry voices and continue working with Punks to cement the collection’s legacy.


“Hey @CryptoGarga/ @yugalabs, Please take a moment to read the community statement we’ve put together:,” Arkaydeus tweeted. “While we have diverse ideas on how Yuga should operate, most of us have remained respectful and relatively quiet, which might have made our voices less noticeable. It would be a great loss to see the healthy engagement between the community and the Punk team overshadowed by a few angry voices. We want to be heard and share our opinions, which requires ongoing engagement, even in disagreement. Instead of soon shutting down interactions with the community, we urge more collaboration with the largely reasonable majority here."


At the time of this article’s publication Yuga Labs has not responded but 66 CryptoPunk holders including notable Punks like Sean Bonner, Sergito Niffynaut, Kodama, Jail, Economist, among others have co-singed Arkaydeus’ Punk statement which states:

“We, the undersigned members of the Punk community, ask that Yuga continue to support a dedicated team building the legacy, and working with the community, of CryptoPunks, they wrote. “The aggressive and insulting messages on social media arose from a minority of people, most of whom are not Punk holders. They do not represent our wider community whatsoever. The Punks community recognizes that everyone has different tastes in art. To be punk is to respect diversity, as we cherish our freedom of speech. Thank you for your commitment to hearing and honoring community voices.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this Punk Statement, the CryptoPunks community and the Super Punk World collection. Stay tuned for updates!

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