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A Physical Board Game Featuring Several Bored Apes Launches Tomorrow. Find Out How To Get One:

From Bored Nikes to Board Games, this NFT artist is set to launch their physical NFT board game project on Saturday.

NFT artist Melonade, who made a name for himself in the space after he hand painted Bored Ape Yacht Club Members Apes onto Nikes, is launching his project “The Big Sweep” tomorrow afternoon at 2 P.M. EST.

The Big Sweep is a physical board game that was inspired by Monopoly and features several BAYC members as spaces on the board. “Play to hold each NFT and drive fellow players into bankruptcy," Melonade wrote on the project’s website.

In total, “The Big Sweep” features over 65 different NFTs on its board including 20-25 Yuga Labs NFTs.

Melonade is selling 420 NFTs for .1 Eth each. Each of these NFTs comes with a physical version of the Big Sweep and gives the holder the chance to have their NFTs featured on the Melonade’s next board game.

If you’re interested in finding out more about tomorrow’s mint, check out Melonade’s website here:

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