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AFFILIATE FEATURE: Yuga Labs Highlighted A New Twitter Feature That Will Keep Users Safe

As more and more scams have popped up in Yuga Labs’ comment sections lately, the company highlighted a new Twitter feature that aims to keep community members safe!

On Tuesday, Yuga Labs’ Twitter page received an update and now links each of its brands under a new affiliates tab.

“The Yuga Labs affiliate badge is now live on all official brand handles and should be used to validate that the account you are interacting with is a legitimate Yuga Labs page,” the company tweeted. “Be vigilant and use to cross reference any links you see on official accounts. The Yuga Labs account will not have an affiliate badge, but you can confirm it’s legitimate by checking the affiliate tab can also now be found on this account listing all of the official brand accounts.”

Following Yuga Labs’ announcement, community members took to Twitter and commented on the necessity of this new feature.

“This is an important new security feature,” BAYC member Othernaut.Eth tweeted. “It will be much easier to verify that you are on the correct Twitter account from now on. Check it out, @yugalabs fam!”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Yuga Labs and will let you know what other steps the company takes to keep users safe online. Stay tuned for updates!

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